Todd Devonshire was born and raised in Big River, Saskatchewan. It is here he learned to love hockey, rock n roll and the TV show Jeopardy. Upon graduating from high school, he went to broadcasting school in Saskatoon. His first job was with CJVR Radio in Melfort, Saskatchewan. After leaving CJVR, the station went on to win all kinds of awards. Coincidence? We think not.

He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 2001 with degrees from the College of Education and Kinesiology (hmmm…is that the correct spelling?); however, there was a strong desire to teach overseas and travel. For over two years, Todd travelled the world making stops in England and Japan. The idea for his novel Rink Burgers came to him while riding the trains and subways in Tokyo. Eventually he returned home to Saskatchewan and finished the book. His first play, The Baby Boomers, was produced in 2012. His second play, Monday Night, was part of the 2018-2019 season with Live Five in Saskatoon.

Todd can be reached at todd.g.devonshire@gmail.com

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