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“… [A] love affair with hockey… rinks in small towns, those delicious rink burgers eaten on the sidelines, and the moments of misery and exhilaration hockey fans and teams share. At its heart, Rink Burgers is also a moving story about a father and son. Full of authentic detail, humour and love, this book is as lively and entertaining as an edge-of-the-seat hockey match.”

Alice Kuipers, author of Life on the Refrigerator Door, The Worst Thing She Ever Did and 40 Things I Want To Tell You.

“Todd’s book took me back to a time when my sons were playing hockey. I confess I missed some of their shifts. Those darn Rink Burgers got me every time.”

Cam Hutchinson, Saskatoon Express

Greg Drinnan reviews Rink Burgers

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